"Saint Cassini's Offering" Roulette, November 7, 2017

"Saint Cassini's Offering"

A performance piece based on the 25 year mission of the Cassini Shuttle, which meticulously documented Saturn and its moons. The shuttle's mission recently came to a dramatic ending, when it crashed into the planet and disintegrated. 

The performance consists of movement, poetry, an original electronic soundtrack, video projections and live vocals. 

The story of the Cassini spacecraft is used in this context as a metaphor for extreme devotion. This could be devotion between humans and a deity, between lovers, or between humans and a cultural standard that they have accepted as truth. It could be read in any number of ways. Sometimes pure devotion can be beautiful, a sign of true love. Sometimes it comes across as unhealthy or even frightening. This performance is an exploration of both ends of the spectrum, and where we all draw the line. The goal is to touch on a number of the ways in which devotion manifests, the ways it repels and invites.