Photo by Miao Jiaxin  An image from my performance “Fragmentina’s Motherland” at Grace Exhibition Space in New York, NY.  Here’s a description of the work and its themes    “Fragmentina, an otherworldly and bewildered being, wakes up on an unknown shore, nearly nude, with her memory almost entirely wiped. All she knows is that she was taken from her home against her will, but doesn’t remember much about her origins or the events that lead to her displacement. Surrounding her on the beach are various pieces of rubble, presumably from the ship wreck that landed her there. She begins to interact with these objects in an attempt to piece together her true identity and point of origin. Her plan is to build a vessel from the wreckage and navigate home. However, it begins to seem like a true home might not exist for her.  Fragmentina’s story is a fantastical allegory of displacement, creation of the self, and the African-American experience as a post-modern creative force.”
The FULL Rotation
"Saint Cassini's Offering" Roulette, November 7, 2017
The Great BE: Abundance